Last week was a very busy week with deadlines right around the corner. I’m so happy with the results of all my pieces. I have so many beautiful pieces that came out of the soda kiln and the gas kiln.

Week 13

Grrrr tried to post last night and the internet was wonky! Last week worked on getting everything ready for the wood fire, which was cancel. But very excited for the soda fire!!!!

Week 12

This past week I worked on my no base project and split wood for the upcoming wood fire! Very excited for that! Also spent around 12 hours in the studio over the weekend working on pieces for the wood fire!

Week 11

Last week was spring break, but I spent a lot of time in the studio over the week end trying to form my no base project with no success. I was just not happy with the forms I was coming up with. I also found a few of my apologia pieces that I glazed

And I also put one of my tools for the apocalypse pieces to be bisque

Week 11

Tuesday was productive and got a lot done, I learned how to split wood! And on Thursday we had a visiting artist Joe Pintz come and do a workshop! Was awesome and he was so kind as to let us test out his molds! Unfortunately I did not get any pics from last week. So here are a few of what I’m doing this week! I survived the Zombie Apocalypse in Vegas and I made it through the Calico Tank trail @ Red Rock Canyon!

Week 10

Last week we worked on our wood for our upcoming wood fire! So excited for that! We had a good assembly line going and got the job done! Later in the week I was able to get some pieces going for the Tool for the apocalypse project!

Week 9

This past week Ashly and I made some sandy white clay! And it is amazing! I came in over the weekend and threw a few pots and mugs. We also talked about our test tiles and mixed our ingredients for the flat tiles. They are done and ready to go into the kiln!

Week 8

This past week we started our next project “Tool for the apocalypse”

I’m very excited for this project. And our triaxial blend was fired and cool to view this upcoming week! I missed a day of class so I feel a little behind, but I was able to come in to the studio and work on Sunday. I got a few pieces done and am happy. I was trying to recreate a garlic paste dish and I’m hopeful that I was successful.

Week 7

This past week we finished up our triaxial blend testing and got them fired. I have not seen the results yet, but im real excited to see how it all turned out. As organized as i was while doing this glaze process I still managed to mess up my order by one tile. Thankfully I caught myself and was able to fix my numbers.

We also discussed our material test tiles…….

For this current week Im looking forward to hand building a lot of items for out next project being “Tools for surviving the apocalypse”