Week 6

Last week we were able to see how our test strips came out and were able to choose a new formula to test. I didn’t think I’d like this part of class (about glazes) but after testing and the whole process of measuring the ingredients was quite fun. I’m actually looking forward to the next process of testing and seeing the results. I also worked on throwing some bowls for the empty bowl foundation . I’m hoping that they will be useful.


Week 5

This past week was very interesting, we started on our test tiles. First with our fusion test. Im really excited to see the outcome.

We were hoping to get started on our actual Glaze test tiles , but ran out of time. I am starting to feel a bit challenged and a little overwhelmed with four studio classes, but i am finding if I stay on top of everything with lots of weekend work I can manage. I am loving every one of my classes and am learning so much! The glaze i’ll be testing is called Petes Cranberry. Im excited to get started on it tomorrow!

I chose this glaze to test, because I love the earthy red that is portrayed in this photo, Now let’s see if my test tiles will look anything like it?

Week 4

Last week I worked on finishing up the Apologia project. I worked on different finishing techniques of carving, slip and glaze with wax. and our class did our first critique. It was new and different and went well. I received good criticism on my pieces. We are starting our new project with glazes and Im very excited to learn.

Week 3

This week I worked on carving into a few of my pieces. I also worked on adding a few layers of colored slip. I didn’t get the effect I wanted as much as I thought I would, but I do like the way it looks after carving into the bowls. While putting in my extra hours in over the weekend, I practiced on my throwing skills and am developing a style that works for me. I got quite a few pieces done and I plan on carving into them and playing with colored slip.

Week 2

With the start of the semester I was hoping to knock out this first project with no hiccups. I had my ideas and sketches and tried to make a bowl on the wheel. With no luck I ended up with two extra small cups.

I definitely need to practice a lot with my throwing skills. So I decided to make a bowl from a mold and it came out nice, until I tried to trim it on the wheel……… Very frustrated and a deep breath later I made another molded bowl.
I did practice on the wheel and was successful! I made a mug and two bowls! I changed to a different wheel and used a different clay and I feel this helped in my success. I do need to practice a ton more but I feel a little more confident.

Week 1: Ceramics II

This first week back to school was a bit of a blur with packing, moving and work, but it is done, and i have a feeling of relief that its over. Now to concentrate on my classes. I am very excited about the “Apologia” project! check out a few of my ideas and sketches, and during our first class I made clay and a new friend!